People In your life

God places people in our lives for a variety of reasons. Some we will never know, Some will be quite obvious. One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how saved and loving you are, there is always going to be someone who is going to dislike you. The bad part about  it is that sometimes these people are the people we care the most about… and we name them as our “friends“,”brother” or “sister”.

I recall a time when I was going through a lot and even today I go in such situation. It seemed as though everything that could go wrong, DID! But  I had someone who was there for me and had my back  (so I thought). That person  would listen to me whine, watch me cry, and offer advice and stand with me unconditionally even if I am wrong.

Sounds like a true friend right? Well… Let me tell you what that person didn’t do. That person never offered encouragement. That person never gave me hope that everything would be okay. When I think about it, That person never even offered to help me! In fact, when things began to work in my favor, our conversations began to get shorter. I also began to notice that every time I would call that person to share good news or visited them, that person would seem uninterested. The more I reached out to that person , the more they avoided  me. You see, that person was not there for me when I was down because that person got a kick out of seeing me when I was down, But that person never wanted or expected me to get back up!

That person separated self from me as blessings started coming into their lives. The words that were a blessing once today become objectionable. Attitudes changed, behaviors changed, character changed, equations changed, relationship changed, everything changed into negative. They forgot the days of excellence and love, togetherness we shared as a family. That person started avoiding me and separated themselves from me. I cried and cried and did all that is in my authority and capacity to restore relation but that is treated as my weakness. I asked forgiveness for anything known and unknown that hurt that person but that person explored new topics or methods to blame, complain and reject.

Finally God gave a revelation and that settled me.
“God often removes people from our lives to protect us.”
Think about that before you run after them!

The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray. ~Proverbs 12:26

Lord, Help us to recognize which people have priority in our lives and which ones to let go. Reveal those who pretend to love us, Remove those who love to hate us, and Protect us from those who wish to harm us. Lord forgive them as they do not know what they are doing. In Jesus name, Amen.

Author : Pst Roy Philip (NLFA Baroda)


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