Entire creations is filled with signs that point to the creator.

Psalm 104:24 says, “the earth is full of Your(God) possessions“.

If there is a creation, there ought  to be a CREATOR.

Bible in Genesis 1:1 says, “ in the beginning God created the heavens and earth.” 


So bless The Lord O my soul!

Meditate Psalm 104 and praise the sovereign Lord for His creation and providence.

This psalm is a poetic summary of God’s creation of the world as found in the first chapter of Genesis. What God created each day is mentioned by the writer as a reason to praise God.


On day one, God created light (104:1, 2; Genesis 1:3);

day two, the heavens and the waters (104:2, 3; Genesis 1:6);

day three, land and vegetation (104:6-18; Genesis 1:9-13);

day four, the sun, moon, and stars (104:19-23; Genesis 1:14-16);

day five, fish and birds (104:25, 26; Genesis 1:20-23);

and on day six, animals, people, and food to sustain them (104:21-24, 27-30; Genesis 1:24-31).


God’s act of creation deserves the praise of all people.


Author: Pst Roy Philip (NLFA Baroda)


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