Day Of Salvation

In Jeremiah 8:6 The Lord spoke out his heart “ no one repented of his wickedness, saying, what I have done? Everyone turned to his own course, as the horse rushes into battle.

Is this not relevant even today?

The heart of God is lovingly and mercifully waiting for His children to repent and turn to Him. He made a way in Jesus Christ that anyone can call upon his name and receive His unconditional forgiveness, acceptance and salvation.

The days are near, I may say so near though the time and season is known only to Father but looking into the happenings around the globe, it is so,so,so,so near. Before everything become standstill, please receive Jesus that you may have eternal life (John 3:16).

May God bless you and fill your life with abundant and eternal life as He promised, if you have said “YES” to Jesus today.

Today is the day of salvation and the heaven is rejoicing as you have taken this important and valuable decision. Amen


Author: Pst Roy Philip (NLFA Baroda)


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