Youth Retreat Testimony

God’s words touch our hearts and we hear what we want to hear from him through his believers. He has a purpose for us and he brings us together for it.The ‘Youth meeting’ on Aug 21st was all about God’s words and how it touched our heart to bring a revolution in us. All the youth together formed in groups – Team Noah, Team Esther, Team Ruth & Team David and we prayed, played, laughed, we questioned, we answered, we screamed and there was so much we did together. Finally a miracle happened i.e what ever questions I had written in my note was answered by pastor in his preaching. It happened without me asking him about it. This is how God spoke to me that day. My question was all about connecting to God through the holy spirit and feeling it in my life and pastor answered it all.This is how God works through His people, for His people.
Praise the Lord for bringing me in the midst of His believers.
Author – Sheeba Dorai (NLFA Baroda)

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