Believe it – Leave it

Faith is something that’s really important in a believer’s life. Every day. The first reason that I can think of is because Jesus Himself said so.

“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. – Mark 11:22

Also in Romans 1:17 it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”

Now many a time’s we say we have faith, that He’ll set everything right, but that faith is not strong enough or it can be a bit unstable. Unstable as in, we’re not really sure about how things will work out cause by our knowledge or by our sight, it is impossible. Then we try to do things our way, even after we get the promise from God, because we don’t have patience, means that we don’t really have complete faith in Him.

I read about Abraham’s life, once again. He was wealthy, but didn’t have children. In Genesis 15, God visited him and promised him that He’ll bless Abraham and his offspring’s will be like the number of stars in Heaven. Here’s what caught my attention.

v.6 – Abram believed the Lord and he credited it to him as righteousness.

Right when God gave him the promise, he believed on the spot! That very moment, no second thoughts, no doubts, just belief. But then later on in the coming chapters if you read, it shows how Abram and Sarai, Abrams wife, eventually ended up going their way. This was because by the physical condition and age, having a child looked impossible.

God wants us to believe it and leave it! Leave – our thoughts, our backup plans, our ways. Believe – His promise, His great plans, His way! Because our God is a God who stands true to His words. When He gives us a promise, He expects us to believe and have faith in Him that very moment. That should be the end of “our” thoughts, rest assured that God has it under control and everything will be taken care of as promised. That’s the kind of faith that God seeks.

But even if we fail, if we realize our mistake and turn back to God and put our trust back in Him, like Abraham did, we’ll blessed just as He promised.

We must only believe, but if we do fail, we need to get back to Him.

He promised; He never fails; He’s always there and still fulfills His promise!

So I just want to encourage everyone out there to have an immediate faith. It’s hard, but not impossible with Christ, Phil. 4:13. Take care and God bless!

Author :- Georgy Roy (NLF Baroda)


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