Meditating On Gods Word

Its only recently that I am understanding the true meaning of meditating the word of God. It’s amazing how God speak to us at times, after church some weeks back, me and two of my friends from church were just hanging out in a cafe, and one of them just started telling us of how he had a lot of rejection issues in his life and was struggling a lot with it. The way he came out of it was on meditating the word, specially on the love of God. He was telling what meditating truly means and how the Jews do it, how they sit and keep on reciting from their bible.
Certain things that touched my heart was what meditating really means. It’s not only just reading the word. It includes :-

  1. Reading the word.
  2. Thinking about the word.
  3. Speaking/muttering the word.
  4. Shouting aloud the word.

Suddenly I realized this was exactly what I needed, we read the word everyday, then you go to work and have so many things to take care of, and you just simply forget what you read or what God spoke to you in your quiet time! Now I realize why bible says to meditate the word day and night, what it does is, the words we speak goes and sinks into our subconscious so deep that when situations comes, naturally I’m reminded of God’s words. I’m still learning to apply this everyday, haven’t yet mastered it yet, but slowly believe God is giving me the grace to. It’s happened so many times, certain words that God had spoken to me I’ve completely forgotten about over the days, as it says “The cares of the world will choke the seeds of the word”

That friend gave his interpretation of the story of the seeds fallen in different grounds. He said that the seed on the hard ground sprouted quickly then roots didn’t go in. Now we all know that a hard hearted person will not even once receive the word with joy, he usually is apathetic about it. What it meant was before the seeds could go in and grow, the enemy comes and takes it away! We need to work on the word till it produces fruits. I repeat, till we see the fruits we have to and have to meditate on the word again and again and again keep on watering it, keeping it close to our hearts. How many times has it happened with you and me that we have heard a word and received it with great joy? Eh? May be from your favorite preacher on TV ? Or by the pastor on his Sunday sermon? We receive it with joy, but if we ask ourselves what has that word done in us over like in a period of a year, usually it would be like “nothing great” because we might have failed to act on it by meditating, that’s why it is important to keep reminding ourselves of Gods promises. Amen! So yes this has
gotten me excited to apply it to different areas of my life, I hope it excites you too.

Author : Paul Alwin (NLF Baroda)


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