NLF Camp 2013 – Testimony

It was a blessed time together in the camp. We got a chance to know and inspire each other. We lived together as one family and adjusted in the facilities available. God worked mightily in these days.

The message that inspired me most was the message which was given by Pastor Shelton. He described about how we need to think in different situations. He also compared the two dimensions of thinking i.e the heavenly and earthly way of thinking. It changed my insights. It helped me how to react or think in our day today life when we have responsibilities.

The other thing which Pastor Shelton spoke to me personally was “You should not compromise, hold on to the things that you want and then God will give that to you”. I was compromising in my work areas. I could not take a decision. It was always this or that? And then, through Pastor, I understood what God wanted me to decide. The very next day, I prayed and took a decision to resign. I signed it in the morning but could not give it as my boss was busy. I did not need to be tense, but I was. Then at about 12 noon, I got a phone call confirming my new job. They asked me, “Surabhi, have you resigned?”. It was really an awesome moment for me.

I thank God for He turned my mourning into dancing. God is faithful to us in all things. It does not matter if the situation is as big as a mountain or as small as a sand particle. But when He works, He lifts us up and fills our heart with peace and joy that is incomparable and it overcomes all the troubles that we have faced. God bless you all.


Author : Surabhi Saxena (NLF Baroda)


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