NLF Camp 2013 – Day 1

The blessed three days of the camp was an unforgettable experience!

The first day of the camp was indeed good. Oh! What a fellowship Time with the people of the rest of churches whom I did not even know. The fellowship was awesome.The games were all fantastic. There were games for all. We all enjoyed it.

The worship time with the other believers was fabulous. It was real fire. We never thought that we would be dancing this way after getting so much tired after games and stuff.

The pastor shared on “spreading our tents” so that we would be a blessing to others . He said that if we want to give something to someone, it is important that we have that thing in abundance. He gave the example of Peter- on how he obeyed Christ even when he was frustrated and went again into the lake. And by doing so, they caught fishes in abundance which made their boats to sink. So what they did was – they called their partners on the other boat and the two boats were completely filled. This message was more than a touching word and it also encouraged me to fill my baskets with abundance and thus be a blessing to others.


Author : Shubham Saxena (NLF Baroda)


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