Faith – Letting Go

let goFaith was something that I never fully understood right from my childhood.”

1. When I lost my dad, I did not cling onto God in faith. Instead, I started questioning Him
“Why, Why my dad, Why now?”
2. When I scored low marks in the 12th exams, I again started questioning God –
“Why didn’t I get a good score?” I just assumed that some miracle would happen and I would score great marks, even though I didn’t put in the required effort.

At that point, I thought there was nothing called Faith. I was asking God “Can’t you answer my most sincere prayers?”

3. During my engineering placements, I waited and waited but did not get the job I wanted.I prayed and prayed and still nothing happened.

I assumed faith was not something for me. From then on, I assumed Faith to be something that God needs to give me. I used to pray for Faith, but never practiced it in my life.

Recently I have been praying about Faith. I have been reading a lot about what is faith. Praise the Lord and thanks be to God, I recently realized that ‘Faith is not saying thanks for what we already have’.

‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’
– Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

In simple terms, FAITH is the confession with your mouth and having the perseverance to wait on Him alone. He needs us to simply trust Him.

The important aspect is that this faith should come with no strings attached – NO WORRY. I have learnt that the longer you worry about something, the longer it takes for the Will of God to be perfected in our Lives.
The only thing God Expects from us is ‘Complete Trust’.

The minute you let go is when Faith starts working.
Its difficult as humans to stop thinking about a problem. But the minute we let go and stop worrying, God takes over.
Taste Faith to know His marvelous ways.

Author: Hepsibah Rachel (from NLFA Baroda)


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